I recommend journaling as part of the EFT process to all my clients.

Why is journaling so important?

Capturing awareness

EFT is so powerful because it collapses issues but also because it brings us to a new awareness. EFT allows us to see a new perspective that had been previously blocked. That awareness or new perspective comes in the moment while we are tapping or can come after our tapping session is over.

Capturing awareness is an integral part of the learning process and helps to solidify that learning.


Writing down what issues you are collapsing, what setup phrases you use, and what awareness develops is a good way to start to see patterns emerging. These patterns will be different for each individual but you will begin to notice different types of patterns:

  1. what issues are related
  2. what issues have similar types of feelings associated
  3. what language is most effective
  4. what time of day tapping is most effective
  5. what techniques helps the issue to collapse at a faster rate.

Knowing these patterns will help you to know how you can use EFT in a more effective way for you personally.

Start journaling today. It is never too late to start.