Do You Feel Lost & Stuck?


Do you repeat old drama or repeat negative patterns?

Would you like to understand why you are experiencing certain blocks and restrictions?

Most importantly, would you like to clear those blocks and restrictions so you can align with your soul purpose?


Realign with Your Soul

Stop spinning your wheels, and stop focusing on actions that keep you misaligned and headed in the wrong direction.

Understand your original soul blueprint and your soul gifts. Learn how to express your divinity with ease in your life, your relationships, and your business.

Realign with Your Soul

  • A 100-minute Distance Reading of your overall soul profile including the blocks and restrictions you are currently experiencing.
  • Customized clearing of your limiting blocks and restrictions.
  • A 60-75 minute phone call during which I explain your soul profile and how you can best align with your original gifts. I explain the blocks and restrictions that you were cleared and how you can further support the clearing work.
  • A written clearing homework will be emailed as a followup so you can integrate and solidify the clearing of the blocks and restrictions.
  • A complimentary MP3 recording of the call so you can return to the reading at your convenience.

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