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Align your Soul and Your Business

for Ease, Success, and Financial Abundance? 


1. Find out your soul gifts and how those affect your Entrepreneurial path.
Your SOUL has a very specific blueprint. Knowing the specifics of your Soul blueprint allow you to work with those qualities rather than against them. Find out what your Soul Lesson and how it fits with your path as an entrepreneur.

2. Clear Personal Blocks–make sure no personal blocks are getting in the way of your business. I’ll find out what they are and clear any that may be blocking the progress and growth of your business.


3. Get your own 7 Sacred Soul Qualities for Manifesting in 3D.
If you’ve ever had problems manifesting, you’ll find out exactly what affects your vibration at soul level. Most importantly, you’ll find out how to shift your vibration quickly so you can align to that which you are calling in.


4. I will set up your business as an energetic entity so your business can begin working for you.
Your business is a separate entity from you. I will set it up in the 5th Dimension so that it is working independently and helping you to call in the ideal clients and ideal opportunities for growth and expansion.


5. Energetic Analysis of your business including marketing, sales, systems, collaborators.
I will tap into the Akashic Records of your business to check what is in alignment, what is out of alignment, and how to shift it into alignment.

6. I will clear out energetic blocks in marketing strategy, sales, systems, collaborators, and customers. I will clear any blocks affecting your business’ marketing methods.

7. I will energetically evaluate your sales process and clear them if they are creating blocks to abundance.

8. I will use the 2EEC (essential energetic components) method to determine if your product or service is the right one for you, and, if needed, we will clear any energetic misalignments in the products

9. I will share a method so you can evaluate the energetic relationships with clients or joint venture partners.

PART 5: One-on-One Meetings

Each part comes with a 45-minute session so we can talk about the reading and to create your plan of action.

This is a POWER COMBO set of Personal and Business Akashic Records readings for this low investment.

$499 OR 2 payments of $259.

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