Breathe from Flickr Temari09We’ve all heard that stress is bad for us.

In fact, the American Medical Association has cited the statistic that 90% of disease has stress as an underlying cause.

We can’t avoid stress but we can learn ways to manage how we react to decrease the stress hormones that flood our blood stream.

Here’s one quick technique. This technique is easy, fast, and has the power to transform your brain in three weeks.

3 Minute Breathing Technique

Step 1: Breathe in for the count of 5. Breathe deep into the belly.


Step 2: Hold for the count of 5.


Step 3. Exhale for the count of 5.


Step 4: Repeat for 3 minutes.

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Listen to 3 minutes of music to accompany the breathing technique


As your lungs get stronger, you can increase the count to 8, 10, 15, 20. Famous yogis are known to take one breath per minute. That means they breathe for 20, hold for 20, exhale for 20.

If you can’t hold the breath for the count of 5, don’t worry. Use the number that is comfortable for you and increase it as you are able.


photo credit Flickr Temari09