Use 5th Dimensional Guidance to Build a 3D Business
that Aligns with Your Soul

Stop Spinning Your Wheels,
Gain Clarity, and Make Decisions with Confidence
so you can Build a Business that is Soul-Aligned

Realign with Your Soul for Sacred Entrepreneurs
using the Akashic Records


Align with Your Soul Purpose

No more guessing what your Soul Purpose is.


Learn & Apply Your Manifesting Recipe

Ditch the trial and error approach to manifesting.


Align Your Business with Your Soul

Choose effortlessly and implement with ease.


Support and Accountability

Receive business direction, ass-whopping, and jumpstart when needed.

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What You’ll Experience

A Combination of 5th and 3rd Dimensional Tools.

5D Knowledge & Tools

Your Soul Purpose

I connect to the 5th Dimension and bring back information about your Soul Purpose so you can stop groping in the dark.

Soul Groups

From the 5th Dimension, I bring back information about your Soul Group and how that affects your current life.


Soul Lessons

Learn what your soul lessons are and how to use them to your benefit in life and business. Let it be easy.

Seven Sacred Soul Qualities

Learn about the Seven Sacred Soul Qualities and the specific recipe your Soul uses to manifest in the 3rd Dimension.

3D Tools & Strategy

Marketing Strategies

Design your marketing plan that utilizes your soul gifts and soul qualities so you find it easy to implement.


Your Services and Packages

Design your services and packages to align with your soul purpose and soul qualities so you create work you love to do.

Soul Aligned Systems.

Create business systems that support who you are at soul level and end procrastination once and for all.

Business Relationships & Partnerships.

Learn how to find and work with individuals who will help to support your soul qualities while also honoring themselves at soul level.


Starting an online business doesn’t have to be about trial and error. I’ve been where you are–knowing something is missing. I’ve started, shifted, pivoted all in hopes that by experimenting I would find the elusive “alignment.”

Like you, I thought I must be doing something wrong, so I’ve turned to business coaches, programs and courses.

It was when I started blending my spiritual lessons from years of training and self-study in Law of Attraction, Energy Healing and Energy Clearing, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Divination methods, reading the Akashic Records.

I’ve experimented with them all to finally find what I was missing–knowledge of who I am at soul level.

I also bring my 20 years experience as an educator and 5 years in online marketing to my coaching to help you create systems and programs that are in divine alignment.

Building a business is NOT a one-size-fits-all and knowing who my soul is leading me to become has provided the clarity I needed to confidently make decisions.

I’m excited to share it with you.

Akashic Records provide 5th Dimensional Guidance.

My unique mentoring method–which I call RYSSE–is Soul Level Business Coaching and Mentoring that integrates both 5th Dimensional (spiritual) and 3rd Dimensional (physical) tools. In the RYSSE Business Coaching Program, we start with who each of you is at soul level.

This knowledge is the easiest (and most logical) way to understand and achieve clarity. When we align to who we are at soul level, we clear the way for manifestation to happen in all areas of our lives–including business.

Business building strategy for spiritual entrepreneurs.

Once we have our soul level information, we can begin making 3rd-dimensional business decisions that align with the design of our soul’s original blueprint. I make the practical business building even easier by providing done-for-you templates of website, optin, sales, webinar, and landing pages.

I make my tools available in ways that align with your individual soul expression. I provide the business knowledge and support so you can develop the systems that will be the foundation of your business.

Praise from Past & Current Clients

What others say about my Akashic Records Readings and Coaching.

Janie’s brilliant, knowledgeable and cares very deeply about helping her clients in every way possible. She knows how to help people overcome the intimidation factor inherent in learning new things, and she’s. able to help bring out the best in everyone she works with. Learning about my Akashic records has been an amazing gift to me — giving me ways to learn and grow that I didn’t know anything about before. I have changed and grown in ways I could never have anticipated and I’m successfully moving my business in directions I never expected when I first started my journey. I am so happy and blessed!

Janie’s ability to mesh 5D intuitive guidance and information with our 3D world is the perfect skill set to maximize the benefit for anyone’s business.

Margie Z. Taylor, Shamanic Practitioner, https://willowhorserun.org

After having a session with Janie, one of my long standing issues cleared immediately. She was able to work her magic while in my Akashic Records and give me a game plan to continue the work on my own. She is compassionate, wise, and extremely tuned in. I highly recommend working with her, she has truly helped to clear my path so that I could move forward more brilliantly and with more ease, and I’m certain she will help you clear the way as well!

Mary Ann Candito, Spiritual Mentor, www.maryanncandito.com

In my Business Akashic Records reading with Janie, I received information to group together different aspects of my business that I had been thinking about – in a way I hadn’t thought of before – that made complete sense. Janie was able to narrow things down with questions in the Akashic Records, and then arriving at that magical next step. That was awesome. Now I feel much more relaxed and confident about my business direction now that I know the next step to take. I am so happy to have been a recipient of the magic Janie weaves.

Cathy Wieden, Positive Beautyhttps://positive-beauty.com.au

Janie is an amazing coach. She has a wealth of information on all things technical at the same time being a highly attuned and spiritually awake person. This made her so incredibly capable and ideally suited to understand what I was trying to convey and bring out in my online classes. She helped me define my vision of what my online classes were going to cover, taking it from a vision in my head to an actual product on the screen. Even more importantly, she knows all the ins and outs of the WordPress program to set up the classes. And, at any time I have had a question she has had an answer. Working with Janie Santoy is a great experience.

Susanne Andersen Szippl, Artist and Teacher, https://artisessential.com/heart


RYSSE: Ground 5D in 3D System

Using Spiritual Knowledge to Create the Business We Love.

1. Discover Your Soul Gifts

Receive information from the Akashic Records about your soul and your business so that you can create alignment between the two.


2. Learn to Apply Your Soul Gifts and Your 7SSQ

Be able to easily make decisions and be clear about what actions will have the greatest manifesting power.

3. Support & Accountability

Individual coaching for 6 months & FB Group to help you integrate the spiritual tools into your life.

4. Coaching Using Akashic Records

Each coaching session, I will connect to your business Akashic Records so that all strategy stays aligned to your soul blueprint.

5. Akashic Clearing for Energetic Support

You will receive Akashic clearing as needed to support your energetic up-leveling during the coaching program.


6. Business & Marketing Tech

As needed, I will share business and marketing templates and technology tutorials to guide your learning and implementation.

Frequently asked questions

More information about the program.

Do I get an individual reading?

Yes, you will receive your own Akashic Records reading for yourself and your business. When you experience any struggles, I will also read your records to clear and provide energetic support. You will also learn how to use the information in your life and business.

Will I receive one-on-one coaching or just readings?

My RYSSE program integrates Akashic Records readings, clearing, and business coaching. Each of our sessions will integrate coaching that is directly guided by the readings.

What if my intuitive skills are not very strong yet?

This program is designed for both intuitive business owners and those who don’t consider themselves intuitive. The system I use provides you a very logical and intellectual method of using intuitive information. It helps to satisfy our left brain.

How often will we meet and how often will the readings be done?

We will meet every 2 weeks. This will give you time for implementation. Each session will include a reading. I will check in mid-session so the reading & session preparation addresses current questions.

Soul Alignment, Accountability, and Business Mentoring

(with bonus Business and Tech Guidance)

Fast action bonus for the first 3 individuals to sign up at full pay.

BONUS Life Lesson Akashic Records Reading ($79 value).