Are you having a hard time choosing your business focus?

Have you started and shifted ideas but still find yourself stuck on what to do and not having made much progress?

Are you having trouble deciding how to best design your program or how to best market to your clients?

You fight with confusion and frustration and you wonder if you’re wasting your time by doing the wrong thing?

You are not alone.


I was stuck in indecision for years, trying to figure out if my choices were leading me in the right direction until I began working with the Akashic Records.

I know you long to be decisive and feel secure and clear about what you should be doing next.

You want to build a  business that fulfills your soul purpose….and you NEED to KNOW exactly what you were meant to do.

Not having this key soul knowledge keeps you stuck and questioning your decisions.

I found this knowledge in the Akashic Records and I love it so much I started using this knowledge to help other entrepreneurs.

I can help you find out what your soul wants to express and experience. I can show you how you can use this knowledge to more easily make decisions that will help you build a business that is aligned to your soul.

Knowing this one-of-a-kind information about your soul helps you develop confidence and clarity that your business, your clients, and your offers DO fulfill your soul purpose.

You will experience more ease and flow when you make decisions so you can start enjoying your work.

Stop struggling and second guessing.

Learn more about the Realign with Your Soul and Business program.

What Other People Say About Janie Santoy

Working with Janie really freed up how blocked I was in my professional and personal life. She really helped me figure out what I really wanted to be doing and being, which allowed me to re-organize, regroup, and rejuvenate myself. And, it was so easy to do.

–Samantha A., Faculty, Salt Lake City, Utah

Janie continues to be a source of inspiration and encouragement to me. Her people skills, compassion, integrity and sincerity shine forth in everything she does. Thanks, Janie, for your help, your guidance and your incredible creativity.

–Francis G., RN, Ohio

When I first me with Janie, I left wondering why I couldn’t have had this meeting 10 years earlier and how I would have benefited from it. I also came to the realization that I shouldn’t let that stop me from looking to the future and its endless possibilities. I can’t say enough on how my outlook on life, family, and career has changed and become much more positive since working with Janie.

Working with Janie has been a wonderful experience.

–Joe S.,  Technology Trainer, Brownsville, Texas

Want to know more about how I integrate technology and spirituality? Read an article I wrote about it here What is a Spiritual Techpreneur.


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About Janie Santoy

janie santoy success coachBold Success is a company founded by Janie Santoy. Janie is an expert teacher, researcher, entrepreneur, and success coach.

After helping thousands of students improve their communication skills, she’s refocused on what she loves the most: helping people discover their true passion and pairing that knowledge with simple techniques that can propel them to success.

She ONLY works with individuals who are READY for change to achieve results. She knows how to listen, but most importantly is able to ask the hard questions that help them to clarify HOW they can achieve what they desire. She helps to focus productive energy and keeps you accountable to help you make those much needed changes.

You’ll find that her approach to success coaching is highly effective. She use a proven SUCCESS PROGRAM.

This guided coaching program offers you the process, tools and techniques to create success and well-being consistently in all areas of your life.

The content is fashioned by your present reality and future goals. Clients have successfully used her program to:

  • Identify priorities, overcome obstacles, raise motivation
  • Make more money and increase financial skills
  • Plan and take steps towards a new career
  • Increase satisfaction, confidence, focused energy and fun
  • Create balance
  • Gain clarity and perspective on current reality