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You are Unique and so is your Soul.


I’ve been where you are. Knowing something is missing, using other people’s methods to try and manifest what I want, only to come up short.
I have dozens of books on my Kindle and on my bookshelves. (Yes! I’ve read them all!) and I can tell you the Steps to Manifestation used by most of the Law of Attraction gurus.
It’s taken me years of training and self-study in Law of Attraction, Energy Healing and Energy Clearing, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Divination methods, reading the Akashic Records, and experimenting with them all. I’d finally started to make sense of it all when I came across the 7 Sacred Soul Qualities. Now everything makes sense. The 7SSQ Method lets you arrive at your own personal Manifestation Formula.
This is the key to becoming a powerful manifestor.

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