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I’ve been where you are. Knowing something is missing, using other people’s methods to try and manifest what I want, only to come up short.
I have dozens of books on my Kindle and on my bookshelves. (Yes! I’ve read them all!) and I can tell you the Steps to Manifestation used by most of the Law of Attraction gurus.
It’s taken me years of training and self-study in Law of Attraction, Energy Healing and Energy Clearing, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Divination methods, reading the Akashic Records, and experimenting with them all. I’d finally started to make sense of it all when I came across the 7 Sacred Soul Qualities. Now everything makes sense. The 7SSQ Method lets you arrive at your own personal Manifestation Formula.
This is the key to becoming a powerful manifestor.

7 Sacred Soul Qualities Reading
Regular $347.00

Your 7 Sacred Soul Qualities are

WHO you are at Soul Level.

This reading helps you to understand your Sacred Soul Qualities which are held at the 7th  Dimension, separate from the Akashic Records. These qualities are unique to your soul and do not change. They represent your unique method guiding HOW you experience your individual Divine Nature. 

Learning your 7 Sacred Soul Qualities can help you understand how you best manifest in and into the physical dimension.

The reading also includes guidance as to what areas of your life you may be misaligned. The qualities provide specific concrete and logical techniques to help you take action and create in ways that are congruent with your soul. 

The reading includes: 

  • The 7 Sacred Soul Qualities and the unique specifications to your soul’s desire to  create.
    1. An evaluation of each of the 7 Sacred Soul Qualities and HOW you are CURRENTLY creating.
    2. Find out if you currently in alignment and in which areas you need to make adjustments to bring yourself back into alignment?
    3. This Reading is conducted on a conference line which you can access via the telephone or computer.
    4. You will receive a link to download a recording of your Reading which you can keep for reference.

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      These Qualities are HOW you best express yourself while incarnated.

      Details about each of the 7 Sacred Soul Qualities.

      1. Process or Outcome – When you choose to create consequences. Your Divinity may be expressed either through the process (choice) or through the outcome (consequence) or both.
      2. Internal or External –  You experience your Divinity either when you compare inside yourself or to those people and situations around you or both.
      3. Consistent or Variable – You make shifts in your vibration either through consistent action or through various actions or both.
      4. Re-Inventive or Innovative – This is how you go from one vibration to a new one. Is it through re-inventing the state or are you creating a completely new one through innovation or both?
      5. Instigative or Reactive – Why do you want to change your vibrational state? Is it because you feel inside that something needs to change (Instigative) or is it that you are reacting to something either internal or external (Reactive) or both?
      6. Integrative or Exclusive – Do you decide what you want in your experience by Integrating what you do like or do you Exclude those things you don’t like or both?
      7. Similarity or Contrast – Do you experience your Divinity more in situations or with people who are similar, contrasting or both?